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Daniel and Sarah Elizabeth Tickle

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The last few weeks' posts have featured families and topics in North Carolina. This week, I thought I would take us back to Virginia.

Sarah Elizabeth ("Betsey") Lineberry was born about 1802 in North Carolina. She was the third of 12 children born to Jacob Lineberry, IV and Mary Elizabeth Fanning. 

Betsey married Daniel Tickle on 22 November 1819 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Daniel was born about 1800 in North Carolina to John W. Tickle, Jr. and Elizabeth Cockelress.
Daniel and Betsey's Marriage Record
Betsey and Daniel had at least the following children:
  • Salome Tickle, born about 1820
  • Hezekiah C. Tickle, born about 1825
  • Peter Conrad Tickle, born 25 August 1830
  • Solomon Tickle, born about 1831
  • Daniel Lineberry Tickle, born 13 October 1833
  • Mary Tickle, born about 1835
  • Harvey Bennett Tickle, born 26 November 1839
  • Molly Adaline Tickle, born about 1840
All of the children were born in North Carolina, but it seems the entire set of children moved to Virginia when Daniel and Betsey did. (Salome is the only child that stayed in North Carolina since she was married by 1848.) Family legend says they moved to Bland County, Virginia in 1846. In reality, it looks as though they moved around a little bit before finally ending up in Bland County.

For the 1850 census, they were living in Giles County, Virginia.
Clipping from 1850 Census
In 1860, they are living in Wytheville, Wythe County, Virginia.
Clipping from 1850 Census
Then, in 1870, they finally end up in Seddon, Bland County, Virginia. By 1880, they have settled in Mechanicsburg, Bland County, Virginia.
Clipping from 1880 Census
Betsey is listed in the Virginia Deaths and Burials Index as having died 15 January 1880 in Bland County, Virginia. If that is the case, however, that would leave me to believe the Elizabeth, age 70, living with Daniel in the 1880 census is actually a second spouse of Daniel's. (It is possible that Elizabeth died in June instead of January if it was a mis-transcription. I have not been able to locate a copy of the actual record yet, so I can not say one way or the other what the situation is.)

I have not found a death record for Daniel yet. I assume he died some time between 1880 and 1900. Without a copy of the 1890 census, I think that may be as narrow as I can get that date range for now.

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