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Red Cross Baptist Church Cemetery

This week, I thought I would highlight a cemetery instead of a family. The cemetery I've chosen is Red Cross Baptist Church Cemetery, which is located south of the Red Cross community in Climax, Randolph County, North Carolina.
Red Cross Baptist Church Sign
Copyright Brittany Jenkins, 2011
I've visited this cemetery once before on a trip to North Carolina, but it was at the end of the day and I was quickly losing light for photos. I hope to go back again soon, and I hope to get some background information on the church then too.

Oldest Person buried here: Calvin H. Bowman who was born in 1863
First burial: Nana Alexander Bowman (1950)

  1. Edward Lee Allred (1917-1996) husband of Virginia K. Allred
  2. James Robert Atkins (1954-2012)
  3. Jimmy Ray Barbre (1934-1982) husband of Shelby Jean Routh Barbre
  4. Nina Ethel Burrow Cox Barker (1905-1996) wife of Edward Milton Cox and Luther Merril Barker
  5. Calvin Swanson Bledsoe (1927-1986) husband of Ruth Hutcherson Bledsoe
  6. Calvin H. Bowman (1863-1952) husband of Nana Alexander Bowman
  7. Clark Wilson Bowman (1905-1984) husband of Pearl Lenory Routh Bowman
  8. Nana Alexander Bowman (1864-1950) wife of Calvin H. Bowman
  9. Pearl Lenory Routh Bowman (1910-1980) wife of Clark Wilson Bowman
  10. R. D. Bowman (1941-2002)
  11. Rase P. Bowman (1902-1973) - World War II veteran
  12. Edna M. Brooks Brady (1919-2000) wife of Jesse Cornelius Brady
  13. Jesse Cornelius Brady (1918-2002) husband of Edna M Brooks Brady
  14. John Manley Briles (1898-1966) - World War I veteran
  15. Carl Britt (1942-1994) husband of Leah Freeman Britt
  16. William Levi "Lonnie" Brooks (1915-1992)
  17. Mary Elizabeth Kirkman Brown (1934-2007)
  18. Anthony Lee Caulder (1960-1961)
  19. Edwin Earnst Chandler (1937-2008) husband of Joyce Burton Chandler
  20. Joyce Burton Chandler (1941-2011) wife of Edwin Earnst Chandler
  21. William Vance Cobb (1919-1984) - World War II veteran
  22. Frances Darlene Cox Coltrane (1940-2012) wife of Walter Thomas Coltrane
  23. Walter Thomas Coltrane (1934-2001) husband of Frances Darlene Cox Coltrane
  24. Nancy Siler Beard Cotner (1922-2011) wife of Richard "Raymond" Cotner
  25. Richard "Raymond" Cotner (1905-1967) husband of Nancy Siler Beard Cotner
  26. Edward Milton Cox (1907-1964) husband of Nina Ethel Burrow
  27. Gloria Dean Chatman Pankey Cox (1940-2004) wife of Lenda Blue Pankey
  28. James Craven, Jr. (1947-2012) - US Navy veteran
  29. Dorothy Richardson Culler (1936-1990) wife of Robert Marshall Culler
  30. Kenneth Worth Culler (1963-1988)
  31. Robert Marshall Culler (1925-2002) husband of Dorothy Richardson Culler
  32. Barbara Ann Efird (1927-1987) wife of James H. Efird
  33. Joseph Brain Evans (1982-2008)
  34. Paul Dewey Faulkner (1930-1979) husband of Wanda Ingold Faulkner
  35. Forrest G. Fields (1933-2009) husband of Ivalou C. Fields
  36. Carolyn Mae Flowers (1930-1998) wife of Charles B. Flowers
  37. William M. Foster (1873-1963)
  38. Infant Sons Freeman (1999-2000) Infant sons of Rodney and Tiffany Freeman
  39. Kenneth Harry Garner (1963-1979)
  40. Annie Edith Sheron Greene (1911-2004) wife of Rev., Robert Lee Greene
  41. Reverend, Robert Lee Greene (1909-1973) husband of Annie Edith Sheron Greene
  42. Hubert Clyde Gregson (1918-1984) husband of Ruby Alice Snider Gregson - US Army veteran
  43. Ray Howard Gregson (1953-1956) son of Hubert Clyde and Ruby Alice Snider Gregson
  44. Ruby Alice Snider Gregson (1918-1993) wife of Hubert Clyde Gregson
  45. Allen Henderson (1938-2004) husband of Brenda Lashley Henderson
  46. Faye Honeycutt Hinshaw (1923-2003) wife of James Parker Hinshaw
  47. Iris Hopkins Hinshaw (1931-2012) wife of William Claud Hinshaw
  48. James Parker Hinshaw (1928-2003) husband of Faye Honeycutt Hinshaw
  49. William Claud Hinshaw (1930-2012) husband of Iris Hopkins Hinshaw
  50. Milo Francis Hunter, III (1956-2013)
  51. Reverend, Garland Chandler Ingold (1893-1963) husband of Mary Bessie Sasser Ingold
  52. Mary Bessie Sasser Ingold (1896-1986) wife of Rev., Garland Chandler Ingold
  53. Lillie Mae Pankey McDaniels Johnson (1932-2005)
  54. John T. Jones (1891-1969) husband of Susan Lula Patterson Jones
  55. Susan Lula Patterson Jones (1892-1980) wife of John T. Jones
  56. Meredith Leigh Venable Kellam (1967-1991) wife of Michael Shawn Kellam
  57. Michael Shawn Kellam (1968-1981) husband of Meredith Leigh Venable Kellam
  58. Sandra Simmons Kellam (1945-2011) wife of Hobart Lindsay Kellam
  59. Almada Scott Kime (1916-1994) wife of Charles Floyd Kime
  60. Charles Floyd Kime (1915-1986) husband of Almada Scott Kime
  61. Charles Richard Kime (1944-1971)
  62. Rose Lynn Kime (1958-1959)
  63. Floyd Worth Kirkman (1903-1976) husband of Nannie Lee Smith Kirkman
  64. Jesse Floyd Kirkman (1928-1997)
  65. Nannie Lee Smith Kirkman (1903-1990) wife of Floyd Worth Kirkman
  66. James Everett Lashley (1940-2001) - US Army veteran
  67. Clarence Luther Lefler (1936-1999) husband of Daisy Henley Lefler
  68. Teresa Lynn Rowe Lewis (1963-2006) wife of Edward Franklin Lewis
  69. Pauline Comer Loman (1915-2011)
  70. Kimberly Yow Lopez (1968-1991)
  71. John Frank Melton (1910-1971) husband of Vernice Ingold Melton
  72. Vernice Ingold Melton (1914-1991) wife of John Frank Melton
  73. Samuel A Moore (1935-2008) husband of Margaret L. Moore
  74. Stephen T Moore (1954-1996)
  75. Gladys Josephine Blevins Odum (1920-2002)
  76. Kaye Lowe Odum (1947-2006) wife of Anthony W. Odum
  77. Gloria D. Pankey (1940-2004)
  78. James Bernice Pankey (1903-1957) husband of Lillie P. Cagle Yates Pankey
  79. Lenda Blue ("Bill") Pankey (1935-1987) husband of Gloria Dean Chatman Pankey Cox
  80. Lillie P. Cagle Yates Pankey (1910-1966) wife of James Bernice Pankey
  81. Gracie Mae Bowman Pugh (1900-1982)
  82. Gennettie Jane Jenkins Reynolds (1916-1969) wife of Ira Iranas Reynolds
  83. Ira Iranas Reynolds (1909-1988) husband of Gennettie Jane Jenkins Reynolds
  84. Lisa Ann Robbins (1981-1983)
  85. Rita B. Robbins (1950-1995) wife of Wallace Lynn Robbins
  86. Wallace Lynn Robbins (1960-1995) husband of Rita B. Robbins
  87. Leslie Darlene Rowe (1965-1974)
  88. Infant Daughter of Marshall Filmore and Bertha Mitchell Russell (1957-1957)
  89. Margaret Minerva Welch Russell (1900-1979) wife of Walser Filmore Russell
  90. Marshall Filmore Russell (1929-1969) - Korean War veteran
  91. Walser Filmore Russell (1893-1964) husband of Margaret Minerva Welch Russell
  92. Bertha Annette Proctor Settlemyre (1888-1959) wife of Rev., George Franklin Settlemyre
  93. Reverend, George Franklin Settlemyre (1886-1980) husband of Bertha Annette Proctor Settlemyre and Elizabeth May Parsons Settlemyre
  94. Elizabeth May Parsons Settlemyre (1894-1982) wife of Rev., George Franklin Settlemyre
  95. Charles Wheeler Sheron (1869-1954) husband of Lucy Jane Smith Sheron
  96. Ella Ruth Sheron (1927-1977) wife of Fred Wheeler Sheron
  97. Fred Wheeler Sheron (1921-1982) husband of Ella Ruth Sheron
  98. Lucy Jane Smith Sheron (1878-1956) wife of Charles Wheeler Sheron
  99. Ricky Darrell Simpson (1977-1993)
  100. Emma B. Smith (1915-1978)
  101. Bonita Lynn Snider (1961-1961)
  102. Charles Ross Snider (1929-2001) husband of Doris Allred Snider
  103. Christopher Odell Snider (1964-1964) son of Elizabeth Ann Andrew Snider
  104. Doris Allred Snider (1934-1997) wife of Charles Ross Snider
  105. Elizabeth Ann Andrew Snider (1933-1964) wife of Paul F. Snider
  106. Permelia Ann "Melia" Butner Snider (1898-1989) wife of Ross Rhodus Snider
  107. Michael(a) D. Snider (1962-1962)
  108. Ross Rhodus Snider (1900-1981) husband of Permelia Ann Butner Snider
  109. J. C. Snody (1935-1983) husband of Lynda Gail Floyd Snody
  110. Lynda Gail Floyd Snody (1938-1993) wife of J. C. Snody
  111. Mamie Lindsay Sumner (1920-1991)
  112. Bonnie Lindsey Van Huss (1925-2012) wife of Elmer Cleveland Van Huss
  113. Elmer Cleveland Van Huss (1920-1964) husband of Bonnie Lindsey Van Huss
  114. Avant Enoch Vuncannon (1918-1996)
  115. Fannie Leah McPherson Vuncannon (1893-1960) wife of Preston Avant Vuncannon
  116. Preston Avant Vuncannon (1893-1974) husband of Fannie Leah McPherson Vuncannon
  117. Maurice White Weathers (1906-1993) husband of Mozelle E. Sheron Weather
  118. Mozelle E. Sheron Weathers (1917-1987) wife of Maurice White Weathers
  119. Billy Martin Whitaker (1941-2004) husband of Lucille Kirkman Whitaker
  120. George Anderson Whitaker, Sr. (1902-1988) husband of Lillian Marie Salmon Whitaker
  121. Helen Demont Whitaker (1906-1969) wife of Sam Wesley Whitaker
  122. Lillian Marie Salmon Whitaker (1904-1992) wife of George Anderson Whitaker, Sr.
  123. Paul Elbert Whitaker (1936-1974) husband of Peggy Louise Kirkman Whitaker
  124. Peggy Louise Kirkman Whitaker (1938-1994) wife of Paul Elbert Whitaker
  125. Sam Wesley Whitaker (1899-1979) husband of Helen Demont Whitaker
  126. Grover G. Williams (1889-1957) husband Myrtle F. Thomas Williams
  127. Walter Ernest Woods (2002-2002) infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie D. Woods, Jr.
  128. Jody Wade York (1970-1970) infant son of William and Glenda York

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