Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rankin C. Lineberry

So, according to the internet, yesterday was Sibling Appreciation Day. I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my favorite set of siblings in my husband's family.

Jacob B. Lineberry and Edith Wilhoit had (at least) seven children:
  • Rankin Columbus Lineberry
  • Gaston Zachariah Lineberry
  • Araminta P Lineberry
  • Julia Ann Lineberry
  • Marion Luther Lineberry
  • Edith Jane Lineberry
  • Scott Lineberry
Clipping from 1860 census
Why are these my favorite siblings of my husband's line? Because my husband descends from three of these siblings: Rankin, Julia, and Marion.

I knew about my husband's lineage from Rankin first. When my husband and I first got married, his mother was excited because she knew I did genealogy and she wanted me to do their family's history. She gave me some starter information on the family, and I quickly found out that Rankin is her great-grandfather.
Clipping from 1880 census showing Rankin's household
Marion was the second sibling I realized was also in his direct line. In researching my father-in-law's line, I started noticing Lineberrys were showing up in his family too. I thought this was interesting, and I started digging deeper. It took a few months to get it sorted out, but I finally realized Marion's daughter, Mary Virginia Owen Lineberry married into my father-in-law's Trogdon line. Marion is my father-in-law's great-great-grandfather.
Clipping from 1880 census showing Marion's household
Then there was Julia. I only happened across her last because I simply wasn't concerned with the Smith line very much for whatever reason. I started really digging into them though when I was trying to research Civil War families in the tree. Also, the Smith family children all had really interesting names (like "Coke"), so that further piqued my interest. Once I realized "Coke Smith" was the Joseph Coke Smith that married Julia, I had found my final connection to this set of siblings. This makes Julia my father-in-law's great-great-grandmother. I never would have imagined my father-in-law would have so many Lineberrys in his line!

Fun fact: Coke's grandmother was also a Lineberry, but I haven't confirmed if she's the specific Lineberry I think she is.
Clipping from 1880 census showing Joseph Coke Smith's household
There are many more sets of siblings like this in both of our trees, but this is my favorite of all the sets in either of our families.

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