Saturday, March 21, 2015

Farmers in Cedar Falls in 1900

In the 1900 Census for Cedar Falls township located in East Franklinville, there are 54 families listed. Only nine of those families live on a farm. Most of the families living in the area had household members working at the cotton mill. These are the names of the heads of households for families living on a farm in Cedar Falls in 1900.

1.) 31-year-old John Campbell lived on a farm with his family, but he was a loom fixer at the cotton mill.
2.) Dennis Allred, who has already lost two children in his first seven years of marriage, lives just down the road from John Campbell.
3.) James Pounds lives with his wife and two of his grown children.
4.) Widower James Dorsett raises five children on his farm.
5.) Manly Julian lives with his wife, only surviving child, and his new son-in-law.
6.) Arlindo Cox lives on a farm, but he works at the cotton mill as a manufacturer. Here, he is shown with his second wife, four of his children, and his sister-in-law.
7.) Arrington Laughlin appears living with his wife and two of his children.
8.) James Jennings was a carpenter. He is living with his second wife and four of his children.
9.) James Allred shares his home with a boarder who also happens to be an Allred.

I hope to continue working my way through the entire East Franklinville Census from 1900. This is just the first of many posts to come! I'll spread them out over the next several months though instead of doing them all at once, so keep an eye out for them!

  • 1900 East Franklinville, Randolph County, North Carolina U.S. Federal Census (accessed on Ancestry)

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